Dan Campbell’s Wife, Holly Campbell: Fell in Love at First Sight in College, Now Together for Over 20 Years

Motor City Dan Campbell has made headlines as the newest head coach for the Detroit Lions. Everything from his career to his personal life has been analyzed by the public.

One admirable part about the coach’s life is his partner of over 20 years. Dan Campbell’s wife is Holly Campbell, who he met while they were in college.

In this article, we’ll tell you everything about the private Holly Campbell and how her support led the Lions’ coach to where he is now. Let’s dive in!

Holly Campbell’s Biography

Dan Campbell's Wife

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Holly Campbell might as well be living off the grid! The wife of Lions’ coach Dan Campbell has no social media presence, and fans don’t even know her birthplace!

That said, Holly Campbell was born sometime in 1977. She attended Texas A&M University, where she fell in love with Dan Campbell.

Other than appearing at games to cheer her husband from the sidelines, Holly is an incredibly private person.

Holly Campbell’s Family

Holly Campbell’s Family

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Holly and Dan Campbell met at college, where Dan was playing football professionally. 1999 was a pivotal year for Dan Campbell. Not only did he get drafted to join the New York Giants, but he and Holly also tied the knot! The pair have been going strong ever since!

In fact, Holly was the first person Dan mentioned in his introductory press conference with the Lions.

This is only natural since Holly Campbell went to extreme lengths to support her husband’s career. While Dan is known to be a fiery and energetic coach, holding team sessions at 9 P.M, Holly holds down the fort by taking care of their children and dogs.

The couple have two children, Cody and Piper Campbell. Like his father, Cody Campbell is an exceptional football player. He played football professionally at Trinity University. However, he chose to focus on his education rather than his sports career.

Now, Cody Campbell is getting a Master’s degree in business analytics from the University of Michigan. As for Piper, she’s still in high school.

The family has three adorable dogs. Their teacup Yorkies are called Thelma and Louise, and their Catahoula Leopard is named Bird.

At first, Dan Campbell opposed the family’s decision to get pets. However, due to Holly’s eagerness, the Lions’ coach gave in. Now, the dogs are Campbell’s best friends, accompanying him on his daily walks!

Holly Campbell’s Career and Net Worth

Holly Campbell

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Holly Campbell is a housewife. While Dan Campbell was busy winning the Superbowl, Holly was supporting the athlete by providing him with a loving home and family.

Holly and Dan Campbell have a joint net worth of $3.5 million. However, in 2022, Campbell signed a $40 million contract with the Lions, becoming one of the highest paid coaches. His annual salary is about $4 million.


Who is Dan Campbell’s wife, and how long have they been married?

Dan Campbell’s wife is Holly Campbell. They got married in 2005 and have been together since then, marking over 20 years of marriage.

How did Dan Campbell and his wife meet?

Dan Campbell and his wife, Holly, met in college at Texas A&M. 

What is known about Holly Campbell?

 Not much public information is available about Holly Campbell, but she is known to be a supportive presence at her husband’s games and has been described by Dan Campbell as his rock.

Does Dan Campbell have any children?

Yes, Dan Campbell and his wife Holly have two children, a daughter named Piper and a son named Cody. Cody is a junior at Trinity University and plays football as a tight end for the Trinity Tigers.

What is Dan Campbell’s coaching record with the Detroit Lions?

Dan Campbell has a coaching record of 24-26-1 with the Detroit Lions. Under his guidance, the team had an impressive 12-5 season and qualified for the NFC Championship Game.

Key Takeaways

Dan Campbell’s wife is one of the main reasons for the Lions’ coach success. The couple met in college, and has remained steady ever since!

Holly’s sweet and private nature is a perfect match for Dan’s fiery spirit. While Holly keeps away from the spotlight, rarely giving interviews, she’s always on the sidelines cheering for Campbell.

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