Archie Heaton: Son of Charlie Heaton and Akiko Matsuura, Born to Parents with a 14-Year Age Gap

If the last name sounds familiar, then you might be a Stranger Things fan. Archie Heaton is Charlie Heaton’s son. The latter is famed for his role in the Netflix fantasy series.

Archie is a young boy born into the entertainment industry, thanks to his actor and musician parents.

So far, he has shown signs of interest in following in his father’s footsteps and becoming a young actor. Stick around to learn more about Archie Heaton’s early life, parents, hobbies, and interests.

Who Is Archie Heaton?

Who Is Archie Heaton

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Archie Heaton is Charlie Heaton and Akiko Matsuura’s son. He was born on 19 May 2014 in England, making him currently nine years old. Thanks to his mixed parents, Heaton is half-British and half-Japanese.

His parents called it off shortly after he was born. Nowadays, Archie lives with his mother, while his father visits him regularly.

Archie was hidden from the public eye from 2014 to 2017, but he couldn’t escape the prying eyes of the media for too long and news of his presence was made public.


Archie’s parents are both famous personalities from differing industries. The bandmates-to-lovers trope rang true for the couple until their eventual split.

Charlie Heaton

Charlie Heaton

You’ve likely spotted Archie’s father in the popular sci-fi show Stranger Things as none other than Jonathan Byers. 

He also acted in other prominent shows and movies like The New Mutants, As You Are, and No Future. Prior to his fame from the breakthrough role, Charlie Heaton was Akiko Matsuura’s bandmate.

When he turned 16, Heaton moved from his small hometown in West Yorkshire to pursue his music career in the Big Smoke AKA London. Heaton joined a band called Comanechi as a drummer, where he eventually met Matsuura.

Interestingly, both bandmates have a significantly large 14-year age gap. Heaton was only a teen when he joined the band, and became a father to Archie as he turned 20.

Nowadays, Charlie Heaton is dating co-star Natalie Dryer. It’s unknown if Dryer has met her partner’s son yet.

Akiko Matsuura

Akiko Matsuura

Akiko Matsuura, also known as “Keex,” was born in Osaka, Japan. Her parents reportedly owned a BBQ restaurant, which the musician attributes to her BBQ obsession.

Matsuura spent most of her career as a musician. She moved through three bands. Her first band was Comanechi. She started it with Simon Petrovich. Matsuura met him at a mutual friend’s party.

After meeting Charlie in Comanechi and disbanding, she joined her second band, The Big Pink. Matsuura was the rock band’s drummer at that time. After some time, she also left that band.

Now, she’s currently a frontwoman for the noise rock band PRE in the UK. The band formed in 2005. If you’ve attended one of her shows, you’ll know how wild it can get. Matsuura is known to take the stage only in her underwear and diving into the crowd face first.

Why Did Charlie Heaton and Akiko Matsuura Split?

Why Did Charlie Heaton and Akiko Matsuura Split

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It was only a few months after little Archie was born that Charlie and Akiko decided to call it quits. The couple remains secretive about the reason for their split to maintain privacy. Despite the secrecy, some believed that it has to do with their age gap.

When the two met as bandmates for Comanechi, Heaton was about 18 years old, while Matsuura was 32 years old.

Even though they broke up, the two continue to co-parent Archie successfully. Heaton split his time in half, where he gets to visit his son in the UK and continue growing his career in the US.



During his early years, Archie Heaton enjoyed playing sports like basketball and soccer. Like several other boys his age, he also enjoys playing video games on his PS4.

In terms of his subject interest, Archie’s parents say that he prefers studying math compared to other subjects.

Despite being a child in elementary school, Heaton has several artistic interests. With parents like his, it’s hard not to be influenced by the entertainment industry. 

He’s particularly keen on exploring his acting skills. His father enjoys taking him to see plays at local theaters and movies as well.

Archie participated in other artistic pursuits, such as dance and music. Nonetheless, he invests most of his free time in acting lessons. His talents were well-received by his acting tutors.

To Conclude

Who is Archie Heaton? In short, Archie is Charlie Heaton and Akiko Matsuura’s son. Between both parents, you’re more likely to recognize his father, especially after being cast in a critical role in the widely-acclaimed Stranger Things TV series.

Meanwhile, his mother, Matsuura, is a Japanese rock musician residing in London. After Archie’s birth, the couple split up, and he stayed with his mother.

Nowadays, he enjoys playing sports and acting. With the way things are going, he’ll likely rise to fame like his parents and gain prominence in the acting field.

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