Summer Miami Luellen: Daughter of Yung Miami and Southside, Capturing 540,000 Hearts on Instagram

Summer Miami Luellen is exactly what you imagine when you picture a celebrity’s daughter. 

Raised by rapper Yung Miami and record producer Southside, Summer lives an influencer’s glamorous life of makeup, fashion, and fun.

The adorable little influencer has captured a lot of interest—with Instagram shots reaching an impressive 540,000 hearts.

Stick around to learn more about Summer Miami Luellen, including her parents, siblings, and other facts.

Who Is Summer Miami Luellen?

Summer Miami Luellen

Summer Miami Luellen is Yung Miami’s and Southside’s daughter. Both parents are prominent personalities in the music industry – both of whom you probably already heard of.

Summer was born on 16 October 2019, making her four years old and an enigmatic Libra. 

Despite her young age, she’s grown a large following on her Instagram, which has amassed over 284,000 followers.


Summer Miami Luellen’s parents met through the entertainment industry. They dated for two years and sadly broke up around 2020. Lucky for us, they continue to co-parent Summer. 

In case you don’t know them, here’s a brief look into Summer’s parents:

Yung Miami

Yung Miami

Yung Miami, also known as Careesha Romeka Brownlee, is an American rapper and actress. 

She’s part of the female duo rap group City Girls, which formed in 2017. The group is signed to Quality Control Music.

They came out with a few albums, including Girl Code and RAW. Some of the duo’s famed singles are “Twerkulator” and “Act Up.” 

In terms of recognition, City Girls’ Yung Miami received an award for the 2019 BET Social Awards for Issa Wave.



Joshua Howard Luellen, popularly known as Southside, 808mafiaboss, or Sizzle, is a rapper, record producer, and songwriter. 

The music artist has risen to fame after producing singles and albums for famous names like Future, Travis Scott, Rick Ross, MGK, and Metro Boomin.

Before his brush with popularity though, he was working with Waka Flocka Flame. 

Through the latter’s contacts, Southside connected with Gucci Mane, who signed him to 1017 Brick Squad Records. After a few songs and track productions, Southside’s music career showed no signs of slowing down!



Did you know that Summer Miami Luellen has a half-brother from her mother’s side? 

Yung Miami gave birth to Jai Malik Wiggins Jr. back in 2013 with ex-boyfriend Jai Wiggins. 

But sadly, the couple broke up over domestic violence-related complications. And even worse, after the break-up, Wiggins died in June 2020 after suffering severe wounds from a shoot-off.

Facts About Summer Miami Luellen

Facts About Summer Miami Luellen

  • Summer’s mother got into a car accident two months before giving birth to her.
  • The little girl loves putting on makeup.
  • She also loves dressing up. For her 4th birthday, she dressed up as a Barbie—check out her cute picture here!

To Conclude

Summer Miami Luellen is showing signs of interest in a life of fame from an early age. From her Instagram, it’s apparent that she enjoys the spotlight, glitz, and glam of becoming an influencer. 

Who knows? As she grows old, she might eventually show interest in the music industry and follow in her parent’s footsteps. We can’t wait to see where her cuteness takes her!

Images source: Instagram

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