Paris Jackson’s Net Worth in 2024: What is Michael Jackson’s Daughter Worth?

People often think that the daughter of the iconic pop star Michael Jackson must be loaded with riches! The surreal estate he named Neverland, his superhuman Moonwalk, and the multitude of hit songs, all spell out one word: Billions!

So, is that really the case? Did Paris Jackson inherit a kingdom? Did she add to the wealth? Or Did she spend all the money? What is Paris Jackson’s net worth?

Read on to know the celebrity daughter up close and personal. 

What Is Paris Jackson’s Net Worth?   

Paris Jackson’s Net Worth

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Paris Jackson’s fortune in 2024 amounts to around $125 million. Her exact net worth isn’t publicly available, but the best estimates reveal that it’s between $100 million and $150 million.  

Interestingly, this money didn’t come from her inheritance solely. Paris Jackson added significantly to what her late father left her. She worked as a model, actress, and rock singer which boosted her wealth significantly.  

Additionally, she’s clever with money matters, and her varied investments keep her fortune in the millions. She’s not yet a billionaire though! 

Who Is Paris Jackson?  

Paris Jackson

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Michael Jackson married Paris’ mother, Debbie Rowe, in 1996. In 1998, they had Paris and Blanket. But the kids never had the chance to lead a normal family life. The marriage ended in 1999, after only three years.  

In 2000 the marriage was officially over, and Michael took custody of the children. Many speculate that that was the real reason why he married Debbie Rowe, but that was never confirmed or denied. 

Paris led a sheltered life with her father, and she mostly received private tutoring. After her father passed, her grandmother and uncles looked after her.

Even though her early days are shrouded in mystery, Paris is quite open about her emotional challenges and mental health issues. She’s pretty vocal on such matters and spends a good deal of her time and money helping others facing the same struggles. 

How Much Money Did Paris Jackson Inherit? 

How Much Money Did Paris Jackson Inherit

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When Michael Jackson passed in 2009, his estate was estimated to be worth anything from $400 thousand to $1 billion. According to his will, 40% of the estate went to his mother, Katherine Jackson, and 20% were intended for various charities. 

The remaining 30% was divided equally among his three children; Prince, Paris, and Blanket. This came down to $65-$80 million each. They all receive an additional $8 million, plus ongoing royalties from Michael’s music.  

Where Does Paris Jackson’s Money Come From?  

In addition to the $20 million she inherited from her father, and the $8 million annual allowance, Paris Jackson makes a fortune from her work and investments. 

She generates big money from the following endeavors: 



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Paris Jackson’s unique profile, both in the social and aesthetic senses, attracted various fashion brands. Over the years, she walked the runway for Chanel, Moschino, and Gaultier. She also appeared on the covers of Vogue and Rolling Stone. 

She gets around $10,000 per shoot, so that’s a great source of income. 

Brand Partnerships

Influence sells, and being a celebrity sells harder. It’s not surprising at all that a smart person like Paris Jackson would collaborate with big brands. She collaborated with The Body Shop and Moon Juice and actively used her image for product placement. 


Paris Jackson’s acting career wasn’t as glamorous as her modeling path. Nevertheless, she managed to land important roles in movies like “Scream Queens”, “Gringo”, and “VH/S”. She also had a recurring role in the TV show “Star”.  

Music and Songwriting

Music and Songwriting

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Music and art were always an integral part of Paris’ life. Besides her father’s legendary legacy, her whole family dabbled with music in some form or another. This prompted her to start a singing career by forming a small rock music band.

Paris also co-wrote several songs, which garner extra income, and potentially good solid deals if the songs are used in commercials or TV shows.   

Her debut album “Wilted” received positive reviews, which encouraged her to go further along that road. Her total earnings from the album sales, songwriting royalties, touring, and streaming royalties could amount to $400,000.   

Stock Portfolio

Part of Michael Jackson’s inheritance was in the form of stocks, which at the time of his passing were worth around $30 million. Paris held on to her share of the stocks and added to them over the years. 

Currently, her stocks are worth more than $75 million, which constitutes the bulk of her fortune. It’s a good lesson in finance for the rest of us! 

Real Estate and Other Assets

Michael Jackson

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After dividing Michael’s estate, Paris received actual cash, plus trust funds that she and her brothers benefit from throughout their lives. 

Paris added to that 3 mansions worth around $9 million, and a $10 million lavish New York penthouse, where she currently lives. She has other real estate worth around $6 billion. 

Assets aren’t just buildings. Paris’ expensive portfolio includes 4 yachts, a full garage of luxury cars, and an enviable jewelry collection, in addition to Michael’s watches and collectibles. That’s another $12 million.  

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it! the whole scoop about Paris Jackson’s net worth. With an estimated $125 million at her disposal, she’s certainly well-to-do. She’s not yet a billionaire though!  

Paris Jackson doesn’t hold back when it comes to spending on what she loves. She wouldn’t mind spending a small fortune on a haute couture dress. Then again, she appears to be down to earth, and she would also wear something out of thrift shop. 

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