Miles Mitchell Murphy: Born to Stardom, But Chooses the Chill Lane

Little is known about Miles Mitchell Murphy since he prefers to stay out of the spotlight. Still, as the son of famous movie personalities, being on the red carpet is inevitable.

Here’s everything we know about Miles!


Miles Mitchell Murphy is the son of the famous actor, Eddie Murphy, and the American model, Nicole Mitchell.

His parents met in 1988 and had two children previously. However, Eddie Murphy had a child with Tamara Hood in 1990.

Eddie and Nicole Mitchell got back together shortly after, and Miles Mitchell Murphy was born on November 7, 1992. This makes him Eddie Murphy’s fourth kid!



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Growing up in Los Angeles, California, Miles was often spotted at movie premieres along with his sisters, Bria, Zola, Bella, and Shayne Murphy.

Sadly, his parents announced their separation in 2005 when he was only 13 years old.

Fortunately, this incident widened his circle. After the divorce, there were more chances to meet his half-siblings. The whole family continues to see each other through various life events and birthday parties.

In 2020, a holiday photo of all the Murphy siblings together blew the internet!


According to Tuko News, Miles Mitchell Murphy studied at the BRIT Performing Arts School, where he majored in theater.

He received training from the Rose Bruford Drama School as well.



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On July 2, 2019, Miles Mitchell Murphy and his long-time partner, Carly Fink, welcomed a baby girl. Miles proposed on a yacht while in Hawaii three years later.

The couple got married on September 9, 2023, in Beverly Hills. During the wedding, Miles was in a tuxedo by Dion Julian Lattimore.

Eddie Murphy and his ex-wife, Nicole Mitchell were in attendance on this special day!


Miles Mitchell Murphy keeps what he does for a living under wraps. Despite studying in a performing arts school, he keeps a low profile.

People Magazine’s exclusive on Miles and Carly’s wedding mentions that the former is a writer.

Miles Mitchell Murphy Movies

Miles Mitchell Murphy Movies

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There is plenty of confusion about whether Miles Mitchell Murphy has any films. This is because he shares the same name as an actor in Lord of the Rings.

However, the two are different, and Miles Mitchell Murphy has yet to appear in any movies.

Social Media

You can find heartwarming photos of Miles and his beautiful daughter Evie on Carly Fink’s Instagram!

On Eddie Murphy’s Opinion of Miles

During previous interviews, Eddie Murphy mentioned that he’s proud of his children, as none grew up spoiled.

He also loves Miles’s daughter, and the two have adorable photos together!

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt that Miles Mitchell Murphy’s parents had a rocky relationship, and he had a childhood in the spotlight. Yet, you can see that he grew up into a respectable man.

He’s happily married and has a tight-knit family whose members support each other through their life events!

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