Michelle Meyrink: From “Revenge of the Nerds” to “Real Genius,” Why She Left Acting in Her 20s to Embrace Zen Buddhism

When you think of the ‘80s, the likes of Molly Ringwald or Jessica Lange immediately come to mind. But, while not as popular, I believe Michelle Meyrink also remains an iconic part of this decade.

The former Canadian actress appeared in several 1980s movies and TV shows, such as The Outsiders and Real Genius. But what has she been up to the last couple of years?

I’m here to give you some answers!

Michelle Meyrink: A Brief Introduction

Michelle Meyrink

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Michelle Meyrink is a former actress born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. On September 1st, 2024, she’ll be 62 years old since she was born in 1962.

Her childhood and family are relatively unknown, unlike many superstars. Though details about her early life and education are scarce, rumors suggest she has been interested in acting since childhood. Multiple sources claim she began acting at a young age.

Her Most Notable TV and Film Roles

Michelle Meyrink

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Michelle Meyrink frequented Marthe Coolidge’s comedy films, portraying unforgettable characters that stole the show, such as:

  • Suzi in Valley Girl (1983)
  • Leslie Hindenberg in Joy of Sex (1984)
  • Jordan Cochran in Real Genius (1985)

She also appeared in The Outsiders, Revenge of the Nerds, One Magic Christmas, and Nice Girls Don’t Explode. Her last role was M. G. in the 1988 movie Permanent Record.

As for her noteworthy TV appearances, you’ve got a cameo on the series Family Ties as Jane. The Canadian former actress also had a role in the TV movie Tonight’s the Night in 1987.

Personal Life

Michelle Meyrink

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Michelle met her future husband, John Dumbrille, in 1996 in Vancouver, specifically at the Zen Centre of Vancouver. In 1989, in her twenties, she gave up her successful acting career and converted to Zen Buddhism.

Several sources claim she implied that she wanted her life to have a deeper meaning than what acting gave her. As a result, she went on the Zen Buddhism path, which brought her together with her spouse.

After they met, they got married and had three kids together. But there’s no information about their wedding date or their children’s birth.

Where Is Michelle Meyrink Now?

Michelle Meyrink

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Meyrink and her husband live in Vancouver until today, where they still practice Zen Buddhism.

More interestingly, Michelle Meyrink now works as an instructor in her acting school, which she established in 2013. Named the Actorium Training Center, the school seems to be modeled after the Loft Studio in Los Angeles.


Michelle Meyrink

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1. Who is Michelle Meyrink?

Michelle Meyrink is a former actress known for her roles in 1980s movies like “Valley Girl,” “The Outsiders,” “Revenge of the Nerds,” and “Real Genius.”

2. What happened to Michelle Meyrink after her acting career?

Michelle Meyrink left acting in her late 20s, converted to Zen Buddhism and now lives in Vancouver. She runs the Actorium Training Center, an acting school she founded in 2013.

3. Who is Michelle Meyrink’s husband?

Michelle Meyrink met her husband, John Dumbrille, at the Zen Centre of Vancouver in 1996. They have three children together.

To Wrap It Up

It’s hard to forget about Michelle Meyrink despite being away from the spotlight for more than thirty years. With her on-screen charisma and wit, she remains an iconic part of many of our favorite ‘80s comedy films.

I couldn’t help but notice that her passion for acting has remained deep since she founded an acting school, even after leaving the industry.

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