Joe Scarborough Illness: What’s the Latest on the ‘Morning Joe’ Host’s Health Situation on MSNBC?

If you’re a fan of TV shows, you’ve probably watched Joe Scarborough on Morning Joe and Scarborough Country. The former politician turned TV personality was a huge success, but suddenly, there were several rumors about his deteriorating health. 

A sudden weight loss, continuous fatigue, and several missed appearances made viewers skeptical. So, is it true? What is the truth behind Joe Scarborough’s illness? 

We’ll answer these questions in this article. So, let’s dive in. 

What is Joe Scarborough’s Illness?

Joe Scarborough

Born Charles Joseph Scarborough, the TV host who worked for MSNBC was brought under the spotlight when someone posted a rumor about his health. An online post suggested that he was dealing with a mysterious illness, and this made his fans anxious. 

People noticed that Scarborough lost a lot of weight. He also looked a little pale, and they started commenting about his appearance. 

Luckily, these all turned out to be lies, as Joe Scarborough has been alive and kicking, healthier than ever. As a matter of fact, he never made any public statements about his health. However, he appeared once wearing a mask, and this made people believe that he was infected with Covid-19

We don’t know for sure if this was true. Nevertheless, even if he suffered from Covid-19, he apparently recovered with no side effects. 

He has been dealing with fatigue, muscle atrophy, and loss of appetite. Reports claim that he chose to skip work several times and looked a bit tired on TV. Nevertheless, this might be due to depression, especially after he divorced his second wife, Susan Waren, in 2013. 

Previous Health Issues

Previous Health Issues

              Second Wife Susan Waren                                                                Third Wife Mika Brzezinski 

Joe Scarborough probably heard the news about his health, like we all did. This, however, made people skeptical about his health, especially because of previous health issues he dealt with. 

In 2003, Scarborough was hospitalized for a heart attack. As a result, he went through several surgeries that made him lose a lot of weight. The significant weight loss made people believe that he was dealing with a serious health issue. 

In 2017, the TV host also took time off and reported that he was away for a medical procedure. He never talked publicly about this procedure but assured his fans that he was doing fine. 

Wrap Up

There have been a lot of rumors regarding Joe Scarborough’s health, especially since this former politician and current TV personality was hospitalized before for a heart attack. Yet, we don’t know for sure what is wrong with the Morning Joe star, and he has thanked his fans for being concerned about his health. 

Although Joe Scarborough continues to show signs of fatigue and has lost a lot of weight, he hasn’t disclosed any information about his current health status. We certainly hope that he gets better and continues his inspiring TV shows that everyone loves. 

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