Meet Megan >>>


Creation is the name of the game for me! I love working with my hands and creating things from scratch. Seeing things come from nothing into a finished masterpiece always excites me. As a fashion designer, most of that creative energy has been channeled into making clothes and working at a sewing machine. Although becoming a wife and mother has put me in the kitchen a lot more often than before, so cooking and baking have become a passion for me.


In the kitchen I like to bake donuts, make juices and smoothies, make baby food (when needed!), and try foods from different cultures. Three of my favorite flavors are extra sharp cheddar cheese, anything greek, and warm cinnamon rolls with cream cheese icing!


The people that I cook for the most are my husband, Ben, and our two sons, Jonah and Maddux. It is always a mixed set of likes and dislikes and a huge variation to what each will try.  But one of my goals as a mom is to always introduce new foods and fresh foods to my kids so that they grow up knowing what food should taste like and so that they know that food doesn’t just have to come from a box!!