Set Yourself Up for a Positive New Year


This post has been brought to you by Special K.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about watching our mouth when we talk about ourselves.  To take phrases that include I can’t, I shouldn’t and I’ll never and put them in their place.  We need to stand against the negativity that has become common place in our homes, workplace, at social gatherings and even on social media.  Gulp…yes, I said social media.  Take a look at this eye opening video…

My challenge for you today is to be intentional this next year with the words that you use to refer to yourself and your goals.  It’s up to you to take back (and use!) the words that encourage you to be your very best self.  Chances are it will take time to change your mindset, start by writing out a few of your best qualities and tape them in a place where you’ll see them everyday.  Being reminded of things you love about yourself will result in a happy, more positive you.  Embracing yourself is half the battle in shutting down the fat talk.

Be the one who steps up and leads the positive change in your family or group of friends.  Join together and decide that enough is enough and you’ll be the ones who are taking the year 2014 to reset your attitude and mindset to include encouragement and all things positive.  Start with loving you for you and stop critiquing and comparing yourself to everyone else.

Tyra Banks and Special K have joined forces to bring awareness to the idea that negativity is a barrier in many areas of life, especially weight management.  Whatever your goals for 2014 may be, it’s a great time to decide to put aside those contrary attitudes and the things that keep you from making progress in the things you want to accomplish.

Will you join me in doing what it takes to #fightthefattalk?  Visit to SHHHHut Down Fat Talk.  Happy New Year!


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  1. Nancy says

    In this world of such negativity, what a refreshing concept! I hope it spreads like wildfire! Thanks for being support of this and sharing. I think we as women get so bombarded with what we should be that we fall into this trap so easily and not even realize it has overtaken over thought processes so completely. I know it has mine…..but his reminds me to take the control back and 2014 sounds like a good place to get started! Again, thanks for taking this up and bringing it to us to remind us that we are special no matter what our shape or size and we need to take our power back!

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