5 on Friday: Thanksgiving Dinner…Rolls

Last week we discussed a few members of the supporting cast of Thanksgiving Day – the side dishes.

For me there’s another member of that cast that need not be forgotten…the dinner rolls.

Making your own rolls isn’t that difficult and they are absolutely irresistable.  Last year I made the Texas Roadhouse version below – they were a hit!  Here are a few fabulous options if you’re undecided about what kind of roll should accompany your big dinner.


 Buttery Cornmeal Crescents from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe


Honey Rolls from Pastry Affair


 Texas Roadhouse Rolls from Life as a Lofthouse



Cake Mix Dinner Rolls from Mommy’s Cooking



Honey Wheat Rolls from Taste and Tell


But really…what is a fresh, hot dinner roll without some sweet cinnamon-y butter?

Maple Cinnamon Butter is a crowd pleaser


What kind of bread makes an appearance at your Thanksgiving table?

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