Steak Salad

Sometimes in the summer I get unmotivated to cook just because I don’t like to have to get the kitchen hot while cooking.  For the past few weeks, the heat index has been around 100 degrees and this definitely makes it hard to heat up the kitchen when our air conditioning is barely keeping up as it is.  The other night when my husband decided to grill steak for dinner he suggested that we make a couple of extra steaks and make steak salads out of them the next night.  This sounded like a great idea because I knew it would be easy to throw together on a hot summer evening.  Here is what we used in our steak salad taking after a favorite at a local restaurant.
Steak Salad
Leftover Top Sirloin Steak
Romaine Lettuce
Feta Cheese
Creamy Italian dressing (We used Orlando’s dressing, if you live in the Des Moines area you can find this at the grocery story by the bagged lettuce.)
Crusty Bread
Slice steak into thin pieces, reheat if desired.
Combine lettuce, tomato, cucumber, feta cheese and dressing.  Toss to coat with dressing.
Place on place and top with steak.  Serve with a piece of crusty bread.

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